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5 ways to make better use of your shed space


It’s all too common for the household garage to quickly turn into a dumping ground full of unmarked boxes, garden gear and tools. Dedicating some time to get your shed into tip top shape will not only make it easier to find the old hammer and Christmas lights when you need, it can also help to reduce unwelcome insects and pests.

Here are five simple ways to make better use of your shed:

  1. First off, be ruthless and do a major clean-out discarding of any old and unwanted junk and clutter such as text books from your university days in 1998, ask yourself will you really use it again? We recommend categorising storage by dividing items according to whether they are family keepsakes, garden/household tools, seasonal articles followed by pointless excess. Who knows, you might have enough to warrant a garage sale!
  2. Install storage units or shelving to help you better organise your tools, garden accessories and storage in an orderly and tidy fashion. Hardware stores have a range of affordable DIY kits that allow you to customise your storage solutions to fit your shed configuration.
  3. Maximise shed space by considering ways to keep your floor space clear. There are hooks and hangers for practically everything from bicycles to lawn mowers so you can wall mount bulky items that take up room and can be a trip hazard.
  4. For those with smaller sheds that are contemplating workbench for tinkering, we recommend looking into options that can fold-down when not in use to capitalise on space and avoid having a big worktable taking over your space.
  5. Do some general maintenance to help keep insects and pests out. Patch and fill gaps that might be giving them access to your shed and install natural pest repellents such as eucalyptus oil. It also pays to keep any plant and trees near your shed maintained to avoid unruly vegetation which can be major drawcard for creepy crawlies.

Lastly, after all your hard-work try not to let your shed get out of control and leave regular clean-ups few and far between. We recommend doing at least one to two a year to keep your shed in optimal condition.