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10 things you need in your Man Cave

10 things you need in your Man Cave

Whether it’s a sanctuary away from the world, a place to explore your hobbies or somewhere to store your most prized possessions, sheds have become an Australian institution that has seen the rise of the aptly termed, man cave.

The pride and diversity associated with man cave is what makes them so special, no one shed is the same nor the contents and memories it holds for each individual.

With that said, having built hundreds of Endurance Sheds and Structures across the country, we’ve definitely got a few ‘must have’ man cave recommendations for all you shed-enthusiasts:

  1. Memorabilia – think old number plates, signage and icons of yesteryear
  2. Tool Rack – treat your tools with ultimate respect
  3. Dart Board – no man cave is complete without recreational activities
  4. Beer Fridge – you don’t want to be trawling back into the house for a cold one
  5. Old couch – go for ultimate comfort, especially when hosting mates
  6. Radio – music keeps the adrenalin going when working on important  shed-related projects
  7. Vice – be taken seriously and showcase what a shed-pro you are with one of these
  8. Calendar – save the Smartphone from any accidents and keep track of all shed business with a traditional calendar
  9. Fire Extinguisher – remember safety first
  10. Flags – demonstrate how patriotic you are or honour your favourite sporting team with one of these

Whether your shed is pristine, cluttered, practical or just for fun, they really do serve an important purpose for us all.